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22nd April 2017

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Being held for the first time in 2017 TEDxUMT is an independently organized event that is here tointroduce new ideas. On 22April, 2017 (12:00PM- 8:00PM), TEDxUMT will bring forward a platform that will allow the heroes of Pakistan to encourage the community of Lahore. The gems who have achieved the top by their commitment to excellence will be sharing their stories of how they broke away the social taboos and had gained the edge. The story tellers and visionaries would inspire the youth to aim high and determine a goal to jump to the stars in space. This local, self-organized event will assist the community in seeking new paths that will further help in progressing towards a better world where an idea can change the view of world. Revolving around unconventional and innovative ideas, TEDxUMT will focus on representing the significance of concepts that can aid the community in building up a new future for the youth. Ideas that although seem small but when executed in the proper manner can change the world. Hence, TEDxUMT is one of the biggest university style TEDx event happening this year. We are expecting participation from notable. Such diverse personalities and their views will create the right interface for innovative thinking and creation of ground breaking solutions.


Ayyaz Ahmed

Director of Business Development for Sang-e-Meel Publications
Ayyaz is the Director of Business Development for Sang-e-Meel Publications, a publishing house filling the gap in Pakistan’s literary sector by increasing access to valuable pieces of literature, ranging from historical accounts of the subcontinent to reprints of rare books.

Moezz Khan

Vice-President at Ilm-o-Adab
Moezz is Vice-President at Ilm-o-Adab, an NGO working to provide better opportunities to the students of public schools in Pakistan. In his role, Moezz has overseen the organization’s growth from a small partner with 1 school to a significant contributor to 23 different schools in Punjab, Sindh and KPK.

Sabahat Rafiq

President & Executive Director at United We Reach

F Robert Wheeler III

Dean at University of Management and Technology

Saad Idrees

Director at Social Innovation Lab
Saad Idrees is a technologist and social entrepreneur. He serves as the Co-Director at the Social Innovation Lab and works with governments in designing and deploying information systems to make better decisions. Saad is driven towards developing systems and connections that would amplify the innovations and social change initiatives taking place in the region.

The Drum Clinic

A Community of Drummers
Drum Clinic gives classes in hand drums such as Djembe and Darbuka. They aim to build a community of drummers together from far and wide where they get to meet fascinating people being a part of an incredible experience. The classes and drum circles are not only about playing, but also about personal and spiritual development. Their aim is to spread the idea of drum therapy and drum meditation during our drum circles.

Abubakar Javed

Music Producer/Project Director at Alhamra Arts Council
Abubakar Javed is the founder of Alhamra Unplugged Season 1. He has done ACCA from London, United Kingdom in 2012. After completing his education from Berklee College of Music, United States, he initiated Alhamra Unplugged Season 1 in August 2015. He is the Mentor and Director of this project. It was his biggest dream to produce a musical season at young age. He is also a Vocalist and Musician and he is able to play more than 20 Musical instruments. He is he youngest Sarangi player in Pakistan, which is the most difficult instrument in the world. He also plays Spanish guitar, only few musicians in Pakistan are able to play Flamenco technique, he is one of them. He discovered a new style of playing Surmandal which is more than 100 years old instrument, he is the only one who can play in that style. In 2015 he was nominated for Guinness world record by Mian Shahbaz Sharif for playing most musical instruments in the world. He also performed in Britains Got Talent (London) in March 2012. He also released his own song ” De gya dard ”

Faheem Azam

Actor, Writer, Director, Stand-up Comic
Fahheem is truly a multifaceted professional with strong creative capabilities. He captivates, entertains & educates people through his comedy, scripts, Training and Talks etc. He has done motivational speaking at forums like TEDx, KAHO and Kuch Khaas. Faheem Azam performs Stand-up Comedy under the title “Don’t Laugh, I’m Serious!”. He has been coaching amateur actors for theatre and TV, for almost a decade and now he’s coaching Stand-up comedy performers. A leading performer, member and organizer of the platform ‘Comedy Scene’, his guidance and vision have helped this platform produce successful shows and bring in aspiring performers in Comedy.

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